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Sustainability is now a factor influencing consumer decisions – and increasingly a selling point. We ensure careful inspections, zero-emission components and high quality for a whole host of parts and accessories that make kitchens greener, more sustainable and more convenient.

Room air

Zero-emissions furniture for a healthy indoor climate

In addition to environmental protection, health is a core element of sustainability – and that holds for products, too. Our products emit such small amounts of formaldehyde that they meet the toughest requirements and are certified to the highest standards, such as CARB2, F4Star and Blauer Engel (blue angel eco label).

Legal conformity

At nobilia, we go the extra mile with the GS quality seal

In addition to building trust through quality, legal conformity matters: products have to meet statutory requirements. This applies both to products from nobilia and from our suppliers, such as the large electrical appliances, like fridges and ovens, that we purchase from other companies. At nobilia, we have the legal conformity of our products confirmed with the GS quality seal for tested safety, which guarantees that ready-for-use products meet the requirements of the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

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Discover exciting sustainable solutions from our product range.

A woman stands in a modern kitchen with numbered pointers highlighting features such as cabinetry, appliances, and decorative plants.
Modern kitchen shelves with a mix of decorative items, cooking ingredients, and a selection of green plants, creating a functional yet cozy atmosphere.

01. Plant light

in pole-mounted shelving system

  • Functional additional light
  • Real plants and herbs even in dark locations
  • Natural feeling of space

For some years now we have been offering our popular pole-mounted shelving system. This unit enables indoor gardening directly on the
shelf. Green plants or herbs can be planted in a wooden box with a plastic insert. An LED surface luminaire with light waves designed specifically to promote growth and automated light control ensures that plants can thrive.

A person fills a clear glass bottle with water from a modern stainless steel kitchen faucet, demonstrating ease of use and access to clean water.

02. Water supply system

Grohe Blue Home®

  • Sparkling water from the tap
  • Conserves resources
  • Reduces COemissions

Even small steps can make a difference: we’ve been offering Blue Home® in cooperation with Grohe. It integrates perfectly into our furniture and has an unbeatable advantage: once installed,
the system can be used to draw filtered water enriched with CO₂ directly from the tap. Still, medium or sparkling as desired. This makes the drinks basket much lighter – even more importantly, it saves many kilometres of transport and obviates the need to produce disposable and reusable bottles. Good for the environment!

Modern kitchen sink featuring a matte black faucet and basin with neatly placed accessories including a soap dispenser and striped dishcloth.

03. Sinks from CRISTADUR®

Green Line

  • 99% natural or recycled raw materials
  • Closed recycling loop
  • Green Product Award 2022

In the area of sinks, too, we’re offering at nobilia an especially sustainable solution from our 2023 collection onwards in the form of CRISTADUR® Green Line products. A new chapter in the history of quartz composite sinks began with the CRISTADUR® Green Line. All sinks are produced with up to 75% quartz sand from the local region. What’s more, the CRISTADUR® Green Line consists of approximately 99% natural, renewable or recycled raw materials and sets special standards of aesthetics. The Green Line models are loved for their sustainable designer characteristics and all of the premium features that come with CRISTADUR®. They are carbon-neutral, like all of the sinks from this manufacturer.

Modern kitchen drawer showcasing an organized storage solution with a built-in compartment for fresh produce like sweet potatoes and onions.

04. Pantry Box

in the pullout

  • Ideal storage for vegetables, bread and co.
  • Freshness effect thanks to grid bottom and ventilation
  • Helps reduce food waste

Food lasts longer when stored correctly, which also boosts sustainability. The pantry box is the ideal unit for storing vegetables, bread and the like. A plastic box with an inset mesh base which ensures good ventilation offers the ideal storage conditions – so that vegetables stay fresh and nutritious for longer.

Sleek kitchen drawer featuring an innovative in-built herb garden, offering a practical and seamless blend of design and functionality for fresh greens at arm's reach.

05. Gardening Box

in the pull-out

  • Grow fresh microgreens all year round
  • With plant lights and ventilation
  • Smart control of day and night cycle

We’re extending our offering in this segment to include the gardening box in the 2023 collection. The box is inserted into a pull-out in a kitchen unit. Microgreens of many flavours can be grown as young edible seedlings in the four trays. Integrated plant lights and ventilation control the day and night cycle. Depending on the plant type, the growth phase takes seven to ten days and can even be tracked and controlled using an app. Microgreens have a more intensive taste than fully grown vegetables. They even contain more vitamins and nutrients and are a real eye-catcher. The gardening box includes cress, mustard, pak choi and radish as a starter set. By the way: we use only organic seeds from Germany.

Earthy ceramic bowl filled with fresh greens on a textured surface, scattered with flower petals, herbs, and chickpeas; copper spoon rests nearby.

06.Xtra Ceramic


  • High recycled content
  • Particularly robust and durable
  • Green Product Award 2022

Innovation requires preparation: many years of development work preceded the product launch of our new ceramic material, for example. Our goal was to develop a resource-efficient, light and durable composite concept that did not yet exist in this form on the market. The result was the patented and multi-award-winning Xtra Ceramic.

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