Niche panelling

392 Master Oak reproduction

Combine the niche panelling and worktop with the matching MEISTER laminate flooring Cracked Oak Terra 6439 for a harmonious overall look in your kitchen!


392 Master Oak reproduction

The counter as the centrepiece of this kitchen design - visually coordinated with the worktop and niche panelling as well as MEISTER Terra 6439 cracked oak laminate flooring.

MEISTER laminate flooring

Cracked oak Terra 6439

Naturally harmonious! The design and quality of the cracked oak Terra 6439 laminate flooring from MEISTER perfectly matches the nobilia Master Oak wood decor.

Perfectly coordinated: nobilia decors & MEISTER laminate flooring

Wood decors make rooms appear warm and authentic, they are hard-wearing and easy to clean and are therefore a popular choice for naturally beautiful interior design. However, the different wood tones of furniture and flooring often only match visually to a limited extent.

Thanks to our cooperation with MEISTER, you can now combine our most popular wood decors with matching laminate flooring from MEISTER. A "perfect match" in design and quality - for natural harmony within your four walls.

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nobilia + MEISTER

Not only are our wood decors a "perfect match", nobilia and MEISTER also combine the core values of traditional family businesses. MEISTER stands for beautiful and high-quality flooring, a perfect complement to our high-quality furniture. Together, nobilia and MEISTER offer you a holistic design concept for your individualised home.

Worktop decor 392 Master Oak

Dining table and alcove

Cracked oak Terra 6439

Laminate flooring to match nobilia decor 392 Master Oak

nobilia + MEISTER: Further wood decor combinations

Quality that convinces

Laminate flooring from MEISTER for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms

Antistatic, water-resistant and absolutely scratch-resistant: MEISTER is the clever laminate flooring for all applications. With its installation height of 8 mm (10 mm with integrated impact sound insulation), it is suitable for heavily used living areas as well as kitchens and bathrooms. MEISTER products have been awarded the Blue Angel and the Eco Label. The 25-year guarantee on surface abrasion also gives you additional confidence in MEISTER products.


Regardless of the design - MEISTER laminate flooring always consists of 95% natural raw materials, above all wood.


The special material not only makes the surface waterproof, but also robust against a wide range of loads.

Stain resistant

Soiling of any kind can be easily removed from the floorboards, even with the help of acetone, thinner or alcohol.

Scratch resistant

The special Diamond Pro surface makes laminate flooring from MEISTER highly resistant to micro-scratches and abrasion.


Due to its material, laminate is one of the most lightfast floors available. Even when exposed to strong sunlight, it retains its original colour for many years.

6 possible wood decor combinations

Naturally harmonious: choose your favourite match for your home

Montreal oak reproduction

Worktop, niche

Oak Caledonia 6421

Laminate flooring MEISTER

Master Oak reproduction

Worktop, niche

Cracked oak Terra 6439

Laminate flooring MEISTER

Oak Provence reproduction

Worktop, niche

Big Lake Oak 07155

Laminate flooring MEISTER

Sierra oak reproduction

Worktop, carcase, niche

Nevado Oak 7147

Laminate flooring MEISTER 

Havana oak reproduction

Worktop, carcase, niche

Oak amber 7002

Laminatboden MEISTER
(lieferbar ab Februar 2024)

Bergamo oak reproduction

Worktop, niche

Brook oak 7143

Laminate flooring MEISTER
(available from February 2024)

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Interior design with nobilia furniture and MEISTER laminate flooring