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You will love all the extra space you have in a nobilia kitchen. Have a look for yourself.

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What is the best way to organise my base units, what different corner solutions are available, which waste separation system do I choose? Discover countless suggestions and ideas for a fantastic kitchen organisation in our videos.

Product films

Storage 2:59

Storage 2:59 (217 MB)

Intelligent corner solutions 1:43

Intelligent corner solutions 1:43 (124 MB)

Wall units 2:01

Wall units 2:01 (147 MB)

Organisation systems 4:10

Organisation systems 4:10 (304 MB)

Waste separation systems 1:40

Waste separation systems 1:40 (121 MB)

ComfortSpin – 360° rotating storage space 0:30

ComfortSpin – 360° rotating storage space 0:30 (39 MB)

SpaceFlexx<sup>®</sup> – Flexible organisation system 0:59

SpaceFlexx® – Flexible organisation system 0:59 (6 MB)


SpaceFlexx® (6 MB)



Every kitchen has that one drawer filled with chaos: storage containers of all sizes and shapes, stacked, sorted and abandoned. Now say goodbye to chaos! SpaceFlexx®, our flexible organisation system, will keep your drawer tidy. Flexible dividers keep order among the usual pile of storage containers. Virtually any kitchen utensil can be stored in SpaceFlexx®. Storage containers can no longer tip over or fall out and anything you might need becomes easy to find and reach. SpaceFlexx® can be built into any drawer of at least 60 cm frontal width and 47.2 cm drawer depth. The flexible divider nesttex® Inside is elastic and adjusts to fit the contours and sizes of the stored goods. This way, SpaceFlexx® can flexibly hold utensils of different sizes and shapes securely in their place. nesttex® Inside is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

The global innovation SpaceFlexx® by Kesseböhmer is exclusively available at nobilia!


ComfortSpin – 360° rotating storage space.


Keeping your storage spaces tidy doesn’t have to be boring. When the front is suddenly at the back and vice versa, ComfortSpin must be behind it. A simple movement of your hand is enough to make it rotate by 360 degrees. This easy-to-install, ingenious turntable is immediately ready for use and gives you a full overview of your fridge, bathroom cabinet or pantry – or any other space you want to use it in. Simply install it, turn it and enjoy. Say goodbye to forgotten food, time wasted searching for the things you need and the mess at the back of your cabinet. The ComfortSpin’s 28.5 x 42.5 cm of rotating fun is easy and convenient to install in practically all fridges, bathroom cabinets or pantries. And if you want to clean it, simply remove it again. ComfortSpin – a turn for the better. And, of course, top quality “Made in Germany”.

The multi-award winning global innovation ComfortSpin by Hettich is now available at nobilia!

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