Our roots.

nobilia kitchens have been a part of our home for generations. Join us on a journey through time as we explore 75 years of company history.

1945: J. a. W. Stickling GmbH


Our roots.

Master cabinetmaker Johann Stickling and his brother, businessman Willy Stickling, found a cabinetmaker’s workshop in Avenwedde as a non-trading partnership. They produce sewing cabinets and occasional furniture in a rented hall. By the end of the year the company already employs seven people.

1947: nobilia production in Verl


The company grows.

The first of their own production halls is commissioned in Avenwedde. From now on, the 25 employees concentrate on the manufacture of kitchen buffets.

1949: nobilia kitchen exhibition in Verl


Under a new name.

As of December 1, 1949 the company operates under the name J. and W. Stickling OHG (general partnership).


1956: nobilia plant in Verl


Separate ways.

The business is split: While Willy Stickling produces living room furniture in a previously established subsidiary plant in Avenwedde under the brand name Wista, Johann Stickling continues to manage the original company.


1961: Purchase of the first lorry.


A breath of fresh air – from their own family.

Heinz Stickling, the elder son of Johann Stickling, joins the business and focuses increasingly on the company’s public image. The company's first own lorry is purchased.

1967: nobilia plant aerial photo


Focus on fitted kitchens.

Since the company converted to a limited partnership in 1962, it has carried the name NOBILIA-Werke J. Stickling KG. Johann Stickling’s younger son – Werner Stickling – joins the business. The number of employees increases to 145. Just under a quarter century after it was founded, nobilia now specialises exclusively in fitted kitchens.


1970: Aerial photo of nobilia plant in Verl


Generational change.

Johann Stickling hands over the leadership responsibility to his sons Heinz and Werner Stickling. In order to further develop production, a new plant with an initial production area of 7,000 m² opens on a property measuring 51,000 m² in Verl-Sürenheide on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary.

1973: nobilia plans in-house exhibition


The first in-house exhibition.

The first in-house exhibition takes place on an exhibition space of 2,000 m². A tradition is started, which still exercises a profound appeal on the industry today.

1976: nobilia plant Dominanta



Under the name Dominanta, the Stickling brothers establish an additional plant in Verl-Kaunitz. On a production area of 8,000 m², 80 employees produce an extensive selection of modular wall unit systems and add-ons.


1985: Old nobilia plant in Avenwedde


At home in Verl.

The old plant in Avenwedde closes its doors. With its closure, the entire kitchen furniture production is now exclusively located in Verl-Sürenheide.

1989: nobilia fitted wood kitchen


Focus on fitted kitchens.

Heinz and Werner Stickling decide to halt production of living room furniture and sell the company Dominanta. In the same year, two-shift operation is introduced in Verl-Sürenheide. nobilia now concentrates exclusively on the production of fitted kitchens.


1994: nobilia plant aerial photo


Record-breaking: 1,000 kitchens/day.

With roughly 1,300 employees and a production area of 85,000 m², a new sales volume record of 680 million Marks is achieved. Some 1,000 kitchens leave the plant daily.

1995 nobilia warehouse


50 years - 105,000 m².

Due to the commissioning of a new hall, the production area in Verl-Sürenheide increases to 105,000 m². This also documents the continuance of the innovative and rapid growth of the company on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

1996: Heinz and Werner Stickling


The end of an era.

Heinz and Werner Stickling move from the operational part of the business to the newly founded board of directors.

1997: nobilia wood kitchen with dining room


Going up.

A new high bay storage system for fronts and carcase components is created. Space for 10,400 pallets is available on a surface area measuring 1,800 m².

1999 nobilia Dr. Günter Scheipermeier


Leadership change

There are personnel changes in the leadership circle. Dr. Günter Scheipermeier takes over as chairman of the executive board. Several months prior – on May 15, 1999 – Heinz Stickling had passed away as a result of an accident.


2003: nobilia high bay storage system


Moving up for more space.

Start-up/commissioning of the high bay storage system for worktops. There are 1,200 storage bays available to accommodate roughly 250 different storage items in the 23 m high hall, which covers a surface area of 1,800 m².

2004: Training at nobilia


Extensive training.

The company’s own training workshop is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since 1979 more than 200 cabinetmakers have been trained there.

2006: nobilia plant in Verl-Kaunitz


More space, more employees, more kitchens.

The start-up/commissioning of a second plant in Verl-Kaunitz with 50,000 m² production area creates 145 new jobs overnight. In one-shift operation 2,700 kitchens are produced daily. Due to an annexe on the administrative building in Verl-Sürenheide, the office space is expanded by roughly 2,400 m².

Quality seal “Golden M“


Excellence when it comes to the environment.

For the first time, nobilia has its environmental management system certified according to DIN/EN ISO 14001 and is awarded the "Golden M" from the Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft für Möbel e.V. (German quality control association).

nobilia in-house exhibition 2009


Unique in the kitchen furniture industry.

The testing laboratory – unique in the kitchen furniture industry – opens on the occasion of the 2009 in-house exhibition. All new developments undergo extensive testing here on 230 m². Only furniture that has passed all the qualification tests in nobilia’s testing laboratory are allowed in the new collection.


Nobilia aerial photo of production hall


On course for success.

During ongoing operation, plant I in Verl-Sürenheide is expanded and a new, larger hall is built around the existing one. Four years after its construction, plant II in Verl-Kaunitz incorporates two-shift operation.

nobilia building in Verl


Further growth.

Plant II in Verl-Kaunitz grows rapidly and with the help of roughly 500 employees produces 9,000 units in a production area measuring 110,000 m².

nobilia warehouse


2,500 kitchens daily.

Every day 2,500 kitchens leave the 215,000 m² production halls and are delivered directly to customers via our own 135 lorries. The administrative building in Verl-Sürenheide gets a second storey and the office space is expanded by an additional 2,500 m².

nobilia high bay storage system


Germany’s largest kitchen production sites.

The next phase of expansion is achieved with the launch of the high bay storage system at plant II in Kaunitz. With a daily unit output of over 10,000 units on a production area of 115,000 m², plant II is now the second largest production site for kitchen furniture in Germany – second only to nobilia's plant I in Verl-Sürenheide.


nobilia production line


70 years of nobilia.

In the company's 70th year, nobilia achieves a new sales record with EUR 1,018.4 million and thus experiences growth for the 15th consecutive year. With this, nobilia expands once again and solidifies its position as market leader. In total, the two plants produce over 630,000 kitchens. The unit output at plant II increases yet again to more than 12,000 units daily. Plant I at the Verl-Sürenheide location manufactures roughly 16,700 units per day.


Modern, sleek kitchen with a breakfast bar, built-in appliances, open shelving, and an adjacent dining area with stylish furniture, illuminated by natural light.


more than kitchen.

nobilia presents its integrated living concepts and its own range of bathroom furniture for the first time. The production volume rises to 3,300 kitchens per day.


Aerial view of a large industrial construction site with a partially completed warehouse structure, surrounded by construction vehicles and equipment on open land.


Continued growth.

The start of construction of plant III in Gütersloh and plant V in Saarland represent further company growth in 2019.


A technician inspects machinery at a modern industrial facility with a clean and organized layout, highlighting precision and efficiency in manufacturing.


The launch of our two new plants at Am Hüttenbrink in Gütersloh and in Saarlouis was a special milestone of 2021. The opening of the new production facility in Saarlouis on 19 May 2021 was a particularly historic event for nobilia. Owner Werner Stickling personally pressed the button to officially launch production. The production facilities at the new Plant V in Saarland were successfully put into operation and the daily output quantity has already been increased.

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