nobilia: sustainability as a driver of innovation

Acting in ways that enable a life worth living here on this planet, now and henceforward – that’s how we understand sustainability at nobilia. And we’re doing everything possible as a company to meet our responsibility for the future.

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The cycle of a nobilia kitchen

In order to achieve this aim, we consider every phase in the life cycle of a kitchen: : from the forest where the wood is sourced and the machines used to produce the kitchen through to the point in time when the end customer decides that a new kitchen is needed. Every single aspect along the way – the raw materials, supply chain, production, transport, retail and durability – offers potential for maintaining a life worth living on our planet in the future. And we’re exploiting this potential – through innovative ideas with a verifiable impact.

In this cycle, we explain the sustainability measures we’re taking. Of course, the social aspect also plays a major role – which is why we put people, and therefore society, at the centre of our product cycle.

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