Kitchen studios and furniture stores are the interface to the end customer and should also provide good advice on sustainability. Proper assembly is another important aspect when looking at this topic in the round: mistakes put additional pressure on resources. And the same applies to the transport packaging used for our furniture components.

Professional assembling a piece of furniture, focusing on precise metal hardware installation, showcasing skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Assembly Academy

Training kitchen fitters

Well-trained employees are a valuable asset from a social and sustainability point of view. Kitchen fitters play a key role here. If they make mistakes, products then have to be delivered again or remade – with a resulting knock-on effect on resources. Well-trained fitters, on the other hand, make a positive contribution to conserving resources. That’s why nobilia has decided to establish an Assembly Academy that should help to provide kitchen fitters with professional skills.

Modern warehouse interior with rows of shelves with boxes and a conveyor belt system for efficient logistics and package handling.

Transport packaging: ensuring recycling takes place

We use transport packaging to make sure that our kitchen furniture is secure and well-protected until it reaches the end customer. This can be easily recycled. To make sure this happens, nobilia has partnered with Recycling Kontor Transportverpackung (RKT). Our customers simply have to contact RKT to let them know they’re expecting a nobilia delivery. RKT then ensures that the different elements of the transport packaging are collected and taken for recycling. The environmental advantage is that all transport packaging is purposefully collected and recycled.

Sleek modern kitchen with wood finishes blends into a tranquil forest setting, highlighting nature-inspired design and harmonious living.

grüner Griff: Another example of sustainable action at nobilia

In times of climate and generational change, a new awareness is emerging for sustainable raw materials, the protection of our earth, a healthy lifestyle as well as nutrition and mindfulness. This creates an ever-growing need for conscious action. The grünergriff quality association gives traders and partners the opportunity to recognise and optimally market their activities on the topic of sustainability. By bundling these individual measures, we strengthen the local specialised trade.

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