Elegant, modern entryway featuring a minimalist shelving unit with decor, a bicycle by the door, and a cozy rug, embodying contemporary home design.


Whether wardrobe, dining room, living room or utility room – our furniture system makes quite an impression even outside the kitchen. With a broad selection of materials, décors and colours, with customisable design options, high quality furniture fittings and ingenious accessories for your living environment.

house of nobilia

In this realistic presentation you can experience how nobilia's product range enhances all living areas and functional spaces in the home. Have a look at our "house of nobilia" and get ready to be inspired.

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Modern living room interior featuring sleek wooden bookshelves, a mounted television, and minimalist white cabinets accented with warm ambient lighting.

Ideas for dream living spaces.

When designing your new kitchen, include the adjacent living areas in your concept as well. You can furnish living rooms, dining rooms and wardrobes in a unified design style with your open concept kitchen using carcase elements, shelving systems and wall shelves.


Living details

Discover our modern furniture for your living room, including comfortable media furniture and versatile coffee tables that optimise your space. Fall in love with cosy details and create a home that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Discover our living details

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry, wooden shelves, integrated appliances, and ample natural light creating a cozy, stylish space.

The utility room.

Where to put all the things that we use on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t be visible to everyone who enters the kitchen? They can end up in the basement, out of the way. But then they are no longer readily accessible for everyday use. Moreover, many single family homes or flats today no longer even come with basements. This has led to a revival of the utility room. Since this room often must serve many functions within a small footprint, a design that is both functional and ergonomic, with clever customisable solutions is an absolute must.

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Modern, organized walk-in closet with open shelving, drawers, and hanging space, showcasing a neutral color palette and a "RELAX" sign for a serene atmosphere.

Shelving systems.

Whether it is used as an herb garden in the kitchen or as a wardrobe, for storage in the living room or bathroom or even as a walk-in wardrobe—our shelving system is a striking conversation piece in every room. The shelving system offers you multifaceted and flexible planning options. With innovative ideas, elegant design and countless practical details for integrated contemporary home interiors.


Modern home office with navy blue cabinetry, wooden accents, and ample shelving, paired with a minimalist desk and chair, offering a stylish workspace with natural light.

Feel-good home office.

For a home office with attractive furnishings – nobilia has what you need! Our modular furniture concepts enable you to link your working and living spaces in style. We turn your workspace at home into a feel-good office and modern working area with functional storage options. So you can work more beautifully!



Modern kitchen interior featuring sleek gray cabinets, cutting-edge appliances, and a minimalist design with a warm, welcoming ambiance. Perfect for contemporary homes.

Kitchens with style.

No matter what your style: We have your dream kitchen.

Group of people engaged in conversation inside a modern retail store with bright, illuminated displays and contemporary design.

nobilia exhibition.

Visit our exhibition in Verl.