Impressions from our in-house exhibition 2019.

Under the slogan "space it up” the nobilia 2020 Collection impresses with fascinating new room concepts as well as small space wonders. You will find the best snapshots here.

Highlights of the exhibition 2:03

Highlights of the exhibition 2:03 (54 MB)

nobilia exhibition.

space it up.

With this collection nobilia has considerably expanded its design and solution concepts for holistic living and significantly reinforced not only its focus on the kitchen, but also the bathroom. A wide variety of new features invites creative planning.

Opening hours.

The inhouse exhibition is closed from 21|05|202020 because of structural alteration works and the following open house.

Virtual trade fair tour 2020

Let yourself be inspired by our virtual trade fair tour. Discover the variety of nobilia in a total of 22 displays on 300 m² fair-grounds. From kitchen, over bath, to living.

Virtual trade fair tour

LivingKitchen 2019

nobilia inspires with size and dynamics at LivingKitchen in Cologne. With its centrally located stand in Hall 5.2 — which covers an impressive 800 square metres — nobilia was one of the largest exhibitors at the LivingKitchen.

Highlights of the exhibition 1:43

Highlights of the exhibition 1:43 (48 MB)