Testing the quality of nobilia kitchens.

Everything is tested.

Quality made in Germany – perceptible in every nobilia kitchen.

From receipt of goods to production and to delivery – nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps, to guarantee the high quality of every single kitchen. In addition to the testing stations, up to 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environment and energy have been core to our company philosophy since our very beginning. Every single nobilia kitchen meets the stringent international quality, environment and energy guidelines.

A test drive for nobilia kitchens.

Stress test for kitchens – proof of quality is in the QM testing laboratory.

Furniture, components and materials must prove themselves fit for daily wear and tear through extensive testing in our own QM testing laboratory. Indeed, for 15 years worth of wear and tear. All materials used are tested for this minimum service life.

Flawless kitchen

Zero error strategy.

Only furniture that has passed all the qualification tests in nobilia’s testing laboratory, are allowed in the new collection. The QM testing laboratory is thus an important building block in nobilia’s zero error strategy.

Robotic arm

Quality assurance down to the smallest detail.

Regular product audits, ramp audits (review of the unloading process) and return shipment reviews are important components of our consistent quality assurance. A quality circle group and trainings with customers as well as workshops for trade partners and collaborating fitting installation companies also ensure the highest nobilia quality.

Awards and quality seals.

From the very first glance nobilia quality can be seen, felt and experienced every day. Our awards from independent testing institutes are the proof.

Quality management Environmental management

Certified management system

On a regular basis, TÜV Rheinland / LGA InterCert reviews and certifies our quality management system according to ISO 9001, our environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and our energy management system according to ISO 50001.

The ISO 9001 norm establishes the standards for a quality management system in order to satisfy customer requirements and ensure product quality. This seal represents well-designed workflows, which we have optimised especially for the development, manufacture and sales of kitchens.The ISO 14001 norm for environmental management systems helps improve a company’s environmental performance. Companies can continuously improve their energy efficiency with the energy management norm ISO 50001. By following the energy management standard ISO 50001, companies can continuously improve their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Tested for safety TüV Rheinland

GS quality seal for tested safety

This certificate is awarded by LGA Nürnberg (furniture testing institute). The LGA belongs to the TÜV Rheinland Group and is Europe’s largest and most important furniture testing institute. The GS quality seal for tested safety is a voluntary safety seal that has meaning far beyond the borders of Germany.

In the area of consumers and occupational health and safety, it provides the guarantee that the safety requirements have been met and are regularly reviewed by an independent institute such as the LGA. LGA product certificates for furniture, furniture parts, components and accessories are a way of identifying tested and monitored quality, product safety, durability, user-friendliness and material stability.

RAL Quality Mark Golden M

“Golden M“.

The DGM Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel - (German furniture quality seal) have tested nobilia in accordance with RAL-GZ 430. Following this test, nobilia was awarded the RAL quality seal, the "Golden M". This ensures that each kitchen leaving the plant meets today’s expectations and quality requirements for a long life, stability and health and environmental aspects.

Logo Made in Germany

"Furniture made in Germany"

Since August 1, 2020 end consumers have discovered a new label on the market, which gives them information about furniture
quality: “Furniture Made in Germany” is the geographical origin mark in accordance with RAL-RG 0191, which labels German-made furniture that meets verifiable, strictly defined criteria. This certificate requires proof that the design, assembly and quality testing of the furniture takes place in Germany. As often before, nobilia is once again among the first kitchen furniture manufacturers to be distinguished with the new “Made in Germany” label.

Blauer Engel Logo (blue angel logo)

Blauer Engel (blue angel eco label)

In July 2012 our company was the first kitchen furniture manufacturer awarded the eco label “Der Blaue Engel” (blue angel). This mark of the German Federal Environmental Agency promotes the concerns of environmental and health protection as well as consumer protection. The products and services which are distinguished are those –– when viewed holistically – which are particularly environmentally friendly and at the same time meet the high standards for occupational health and safety as well as usability. The “Blaue Engel” (blue angel) was awarded to the following ranges: 115 (Novalux), 157 (Natura), 312 (Focus), 317 (Touch), 357 (Senso), 371 (Riva), 382 (Structura), 406 (Fashion), 497 (Nordic, only F786 Slate grey), 525 (Inline), 555 (Lux), 566 (StoneArt), 615 (Laser), 648 (Flash), 684 (Cascada), 706 (Sylt), 789 (Artis), (808 (Inox), 917 (Pura), 945 (Easytouch), and 985 (York).


“Deutschland Test” award for product quality

Once again, nobilia sets new standards for the kitchen industry and has received yet another first place for the BEST PRODUCT QUALITY. This rating was awarded based on an extensive study conducted by ServiceValue and DEUTSCHLAND TEST. nobilia achieved first place in the kitchen furniture category, based on 200,000 consumer reviews for 1,426 companies in different product segments. The great function and long life of nobilia kitchens impressed the survey participants, allowing nobilia to win the coveted award.


Emblem indicating compliance with TSCA Title VI standards for formaldehyde emissions in wood products, assuring safety and environmental stewardship.

TSCA Titel VI compliant / CARB2

For the manufacture of its furniture nobilia uses only derived timber products which meet the stringent U.S. EPA Formaldehyde Emissions Standard of the TSCA Title VI Toxic Substances Control Act. With this step, our company fulfils the American requirements - in effect since June 1, 2018 - for the further reduction of formaldehyde emissions from derived timber products. The maximum permissible values from TSCA Tile VI correspond to the CARB2 (California Air Resources Board) ” standard from California. The furniture is labelled with the information “TSCA Title VI compliant.”

PEFC certificate

PEFC /04-31-1281

Since July 2009 nobilia is the first ever kitchen manufacturer certified in accordance with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). In this way, nobilia documents its dedication to an environment worth living in as well as responsibility in handling the valuable raw material wood. Since the derived timber products processed all come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. Forest certification provides the guarantee that the wood products that consumers purchase are not coming from questionable sources nor from overexploitation, but come from managed semi-natural forests.

By applying for PEFC certification, nobilia kitchens demonstrates to the customer a sense of responsibility for our environment.

Should you want to request our PEFC certificate, please contact us through our contact form.

DGM Climate Pact Furniture Industry

Climate agreement of the furniture industry

We put the focus on sustainability at nobilia. The same goes for the subject of greenhouse gas emissions. Here, it is of primary importance to face the responsibility – alongside other manufacturers – that this generation has toward future generations and the environment. In 2016 the DGM (German quality control association) initiated the ”Climate Agreement for the Furniture Industry” and nobilia is an established member. In order for the CO2 footprint to gradually be reduced and ideally neutralised, it is important to nobilia to take a pioneering role in making this topic public and raising awareness.

Logo Emissionsklasse für Möbel

Emission Class DGM (German quality control association)

Having met all award requirements, nobilia's kitchen furniture was awarded the highest emissions class of A by the Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German quality control association). The RAL emission label informs consumers about emission of harmful substances and protects them from health hazards.

Logo of Recycling Kontor featuring an infinity recycling symbol with the letters RKT and the tagline "Transportverpackungen" below.

RKT recycling certificate

In Germany, we participate in the RKT (Recycling Kontor Transportverpackungen) return and recycling system. We thus ensure that our packaging is gathered, collected, and recycled in accordance with the packaging laws.

GOGREEN certificate

GOGREEN certificate

The entire mail and package dispatch is taken care of by the CO2 neutral GOGREEN services of the German postal service and DHL. With this, nobilia offsets the CO2 emissions created during transport. The offset is certified through an independent certification company (Societé Général de Surveillance, SGS) according to ISO 14064.


nobilia had a sustainability assessment conducted by international rating agency EcoVadis and was immediately awarded a bronze medal. This award recognises comprehensive efforts in support of the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Our policies, actions and published reports were all considered in the assessment.

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