...and then there was light.

Find out how our lighting systems not only perfectly illuminate workspaces, but also create a pleasant atmosphere.

The art of creating atmosphere.

An optimum lighting plan is indispensable in the kitchen, because not all lighting is created equal! The right lighting concept supports optimum working conditions and effectively showcases the new kitchen. The following aspects should always be taken into account when planning lighting: Ensure that work area lighting is uniform and shadow-free as much as possible in order to optimise day-to-day tasks in the kitchen. In addition to general room lighting, creating additional small islands of light mainly near the seating areas in the kitchen makes for a homely and comfortable ambience. Thanks to efficient LED technology and modern control options, this can be realised simply and cost-effectively. Ask your kitchen speciality retailer and find your first inspiration on the topic of light here.

LED lighted panel.

Wall unit bottom shelf of glass with integrated lighting. Serves as both unit interior lighting and as recess light.

Special flair with nobilia LED light strips.

LED light strip.

Wall units with continuous integrated LED light strips create uniform and glare-free work area lighting.

Integrated LED light strip.

Wall unit bottom shelf with attached profile strip in stainless steel finish and integrated LED light strip. The profile strip provides convenient opening on handleless wall unit designs. The continuous LED light strip ensures uniform illumination of the recess.

Integrated LED built-in light.

The installation of the LED built-in light is possible in the top shelf as well as in the bottom shelf of wall units.

Emotion technology.

A majority of the LED systems are equipped with Emotion technology. This allows the colour temperature to be infinitely adjusted from cool white to warm white (2,700-6,500 K). Thus, it can be matched with other light sources in the kitchen.

4 Channel light scenario control.

With the radio remote control you can control light scenarios in 4 different areas. Here, e.g. brightness as well as light colours can be regulated separately. With the "Gateway" module you can also control the functions through your in-house WLAN via your Smartphone or tablet.

LED shelf unit lighting.

The shelves on open shelf units can be equipped with an LED light strip upon request. This allows you to create customised lighting accents in the kitchen, precisely where you want them.

LED lighted designs for niche claddings.

Niche claddings are optionally available with integrated LED lighting. The LED light strip is equipped with Emotion technology and ensures uniform lighting of the work area.

Glass shelf with LED glass edge lighting.

The LED glass edge lighting creates the perfect union between furniture and lighting.

LED interior unit lighting.

The LED interior unit lighting has an integrated sensor switch.

LED plinth light.

The LED plinth lights can be custom positioned in the plinth.

Lighting 3:20

Lighting 3:20 (243 MB)

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