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Your satisfaction is our top priority. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics to help you in the best possible way.

Can I buy my kitchen directly from nobilia?

Unfortunately, direct sales via nobilia are not possible. However, our competent trade partners will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

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Where is nobilia furniture produced?

All nobilia furniture is manufactured 100% in Germany, in our four production facilities in East Westphalia and Saarlouis. Enjoy first-class quality with nobilia - made in Germany.

What is the delivery time for furniture orders from nobilia?

As we manufacture each piece of furniture individually for you, the delivery time varies and depends on the time of your order. Please ask your retail partner for the exact delivery date for your order.

Where can I get information on prices for my dream kitchen?

As we do not offer direct sales, we recommend contacting one of our trading partners for prices.

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What is the delivery time for furniture orders from nobilia?

As we manufacture each piece of furniture individually for you, the delivery time varies and depends on the time of your order. Please ask your retail partner for the exact delivery date for your order.

How can I order nobilia furniture at short notice?

Discover the advantages of nobilia elements to get furniture for kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms in the shortest possible time. Our furniture is usually available within up to 8 working days for self-collection.

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What are the first steps to my dream kitchen?

It is advisable to clarify the most important points for your decision before visiting your kitchen specialist. Our checklist for your kitchen purchase can help you with this.

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How can I organise my kitchen better and make better use of my storage space?

Use our organisation systems for your kitchen, such as cutlery inserts or tall unit and corner unit solutions, to optimally organise your kitchen to suit your needs.

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Can I also purchase electrical appliances for my kitchen directly from nobilia?

You can conveniently obtain the desired electrical appliances for your kitchen from our experienced trade partners.

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How do I optimise my kitchen maintenance?

The high-quality surfaces of a kitchen are generally very easy to care for. To maintain the value and lifespan of your new kitchen for many years, you should still clean it regularly, but above all properly. For this purpose, we recommend the cleaners for fronts and carcasses tested and approved by nobilia. These are available in our nobilia shop.

Please observe the following care instructions:

  • Only use mild, water-soluble household cleaners that are expressly intended for kitchen furniture in their product information.
  • The use of substances containing solvents and alcohol must generally be avoided.
  • Under no circumstances should you use glass cleaners, as these contain solvent-based substances!
  • Regardless of whether you have purchased a high-gloss front or a super-matt plastic front, please do not use any harsh chemical substances or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents under any circumstances. Scouring powder, steel wool or pot scourers also destroy the surface to such an extent that reconditioning is no longer possible.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth, leather or a soft sponge. nobilia recommends the Premium cloth for streak-free and streak-free cleaning.

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Which fronts are particularly resistant to fingerprints?

Thanks to our anti-fingerprint coating, SENSO and EASYTOUCH fronts are particularly resistant to annoying fingerprints on matt surfaces.

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What different thicknesses are available for the nobilia worktops?

Our worktops are available in thicknesses of 12, 16, 38 and 100 mm.

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How do I best care for the fabrics on my chairs?

Unsere Cross Stühle in urbaner Umgebung im Zusammenspiel mit unserem Tischmodell Paris.

By handling your new upholstery fabric with care, you can make a decisive contribution to preserving its original condition. Therefore, please observe the following recommendations:

  • Excessive exposure to heat can damage the fabric.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and moisture to prevent fading or damage to the chair.
  • Covers should be lightly vacuumed regularly with an upholstery nozzle. Remove unavoidable house dust and small soiling by vacuuming with low suction power and using a soft upholstery nozzle.
  • Clean the chair regularly with a soft cloth and warm water.
  • Avoid using aggressive chemicals as these could damage the material.

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What do I need to consider when caring for my tabletops?

As a general rule, table tops should not be used as cutting surfaces, as knife cuts can leave notches in any material, including hard Laminate. Cutting surfaces made of wood, Plastic, granite or similar are useful.

  • Moving porcelain and stoneware crockery can cause slight scratches on the table top.
  • In the case of deep matt décors, sliding objects can cause shiny spots during daily use.
  • Hot pots, pans or other hot objects must not be placed on the tabletop. It is best to use a trivet!
  • The table tops can be cleaned with standard household cleaning agents (no abrasive cleaners!).
  • Standing liquids on tabletops must be removed immediately.

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Who is behind the nobilia brand?

nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG. has been a family business since its foundation in 1945 and is owned by the Stickling family from East Westphalia. The managing directors are Dr Lars M. Bopf (Chairman), Michael Klein, Frank Kramer and Christopher Stenzel.

Who can I contact if I have questions about complaints or warranty services?

Your specialist dealer is your direct contact for enquiries regarding complaints or warranty services. All relevant information on these topics can be found in your individual contract with your specialist dealer.

How many employees does nobilia have?

As of December 2022, nobilia has more than 4,500 employees.

How many kitchens does nobilia produce per day?

nobilia produced 3,900 kitchens a day in 2022. This means that 855,000 kitchens were produced in the entire year, all of which were produced in Germany and as unique items.

What is an invisible hob and how does it work?

The Xtra Hob cooktop extractor is a standard induction cooktop with an integrated extractor hood that is perfectly matched to the 373 Grey slate reproduction decor and thus integrates almost invisibly into the worktop. Unlike other invisible hobs, it does not need to be positioned underneath the worktop with built-in sensors.

Which worktops are suitable for invisible hobs?

As the Xtra Hob can be planned both flush and surface-mounted, the cooktop extractor can be integrated into all worktop decors. For a visually invisible character, we recommend integration in the Xtra decor 373 Grey slate reproduction.

Are invisible hobs only available as induction?

The invisible Xtra Hob is an induction hob with an integrated extractor fan.

Can I retrofit an invisible cooktop?

As the Xtra Hob is a commercially available electric appliance for installation in the worktop, it can of course also be retrofitted in the appropriate size.

What sizes is the invisible induction hob available in?

The Xtra Hob is available in three different models and two available widths (60 cm, 80 cm).

How much do invisible hobs cost?

In terms of price, the Xtra Hob can be compared with a classic Black induction hob with extractor fan. The unique design and first-class functionality therefore do not result in significant additional costs.