The kitchen that is just right for you.

Kitchen as comfort zone.

Who wouldn’t want one: a kitchen that makes the daily work routine as comfortable as possible and which uses the latest state-of-the-art technology? Here you will find everything you need to simplify your work in the kitchen while taking it easy on your back. Important here: This kitchen was essentially designed in accordance with ergonomic principles. Among these are: minimising legwork and adapting the working heights to the kitchen users as well as the installation of household appliances at accessible heights. Your speciality retailer would be glad to advise you.


Everyone is different and therefore needs a working height that is customised to suit them. Our height system allows working heights of between 66.2 cm and 110.2 cm, and four carcase heights are available to choose from. And the best thing? The combination of base units and plinth heights mean that even the storage space can be maximised while keeping almost the same working height.

For various activities such as preparation, cooking and washing up, we also offer the respective ergonomically suitable and thus relaxing active height. Individual fine tuning is achieved using four different plinth heights and three worktop heights. Get active!

Well-thought out – ergonomically planned.

We pay attention to these points when planning a kitchen. This makes your daily kitchen work more relaxed and is easy on your back.

You will find more interior fittings here.

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Exquisite kitchen details from nobilia.

Product features.

Discover exceptional nobilia details: from SENSYS hinges to the Profi+ drawer system.

Storage space wonder – nobilia kitchen.

Storage space.

Regardless of how much room you have available – here we show you real storage space wonders.

Pleasant atmosphere with lighting systems from nobilia.

Lighting systems.

They illuminate workspaces perfectly and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Niche cladding to finish off the look of your nobilia kitchen.

Niche cladding.

Niche cladding with digitally printed motifs lend another personalised touch to your kitchen.