The journey begins - Our raw materials

Where do we get the raw materials that go into making nobilia furniture? And what raw materials are we talking about? The environmental footprint of a piece of furniture depends greatly on what it is made of. That’s why raw materials have long been a focus area for us at nobilia – both in terms of their origin and recyclability.

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Sustainable forestry

A new tree planted for every tree felled – with a PEFC certificate

Wood is the most important material for the furniture industry – and for us. That’s why at nobilia we’re considerate in our use of wood as a raw material: our panels contain a high proportion of recycled material and our wood waste is used for heating. However, we still need new wood for our furniture as well. In order to minimise the burden on the environment, we source our wood from sustainable forestry. nobilia is certified to the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) standard. This certification guarantees that the wood we use originates from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Recycled wood

Circular economy or “turning old into new”

Wood stores CO2. To reap the long-term benefits of this, the wood should be used for as long as possible. With cascade use, wood is utilised in many forms, perhaps first as solid wood, then as shavings, before finally being converted to energy. Chipboard is therefore an intelligent material that makes a considerable contribution to resource conservation. Most of our wood chippings are sold to the chipboard industry to be converted into chipboard again. 40% of our chipboard material is already recycled. The use of waste wood conserves resources and protects the environment without compromising on product quality.

A pair of hands hold a heap of wood chips, with pieces cascading down, symbolizing sustainable biomass or organic gardening resources.
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Recycled plastics

From a yoghurt cup to a plinth foot

Wherever possible, we use recycled materials. One good example of this is the plinth feet on which our kitchens stand. The special plastic used to make these is processed as granulate. This plastic granulate is produced entirely from the contents of “yellow bags” (used to collect waste made of plastic, metal or composite materials) – without compromising on the product qualities. Accordingly, our plinth feet represent a second life for millions of former bin liners, yoghurt cups and food packaging.

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