Our supply chain - hand in hand

Supply chains are now a topic on the lips of consumers, too. Unfortunately, the current global trade in goods means that even a navigational error in the Suez Canal can have devastating effects on international supply chains. That’s why at nobilia we work with local suppliers where possible.

Regional focus: think global, act local!

At nobilia, we “think global, act local”, which is good for customers, the environment and partnerships with our suppliers. That’s because this enables short response and transport times and contributes in an enormous way to lowering CO2 emissions through reduced goods transportation. 80% of our suppliers are based in Germany, and 50% have operations within a 50 km radius of our Verl site. On the other side, we sell around half of our finished kitchens in Germany, and another 30% in nearby European countries. Supply chains are therefore not an issue for us – and by comparison, we’re a company that is deeply rooted in our home region.

Two smiling men shaking hands at a trucking loading dock, one wearing a hi-vis vest, symbolizing a successful delivery or partnership in logistics.

Cooperation on equal terms: supplier relationships based on partnership

We view our collaboration with suppliers as a long-term partnership: we’ve been cooperating with more than half of our suppliers for over 20 years. Ultimately, this is the only way we can improve together and create smooth processes and procedures that minimise problems. This style of cooperation also means that we’re loyal to our partners in times of crisis. When a partner is experiencing turmoil due to forces beyond their control, we still stick by them. This holds for smaller companies in particular for whom nobilia represents a major portion of their business and where jobs depend on nobilia.

Industrial professionals in high-visibility vests engage in a discussion on a factory floor, examining a product or process with focused attention.

Supplier audits: for a smooth supply chain

The better the supplier, the easier and more efficient the cooperation. This has an impact on stress levels, costs and resource conservation. If some of the goods we receive from a supplier don’t meet our expectations, we can’t incorporate them into our products either. To avoid this, we conduct supplier audits that examine our suppliers’ processes and procedures and identify shortcomings. Then we develop solutions together with these suppliers. At nobilia, these audits are conducted whenever a new supplier comes on board and are then repeated at regular intervals.

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