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The art of cooking is as versatile as nobilia kitchens and there’s something for everyone in our recipe collection – from delectable starters and culinary specialities through to sweet desserts. Browse our recipes and breathe fresh life into your kitchen with delicious smells and fresh ingredients.

[Translate to en:] Unsere Rezeptvorschläge für leckere Vorspeisen.


An easy snack, and a tasty treat for the whole family: the Pogaca rolls by @sallyswelt offer you a variety of taste experiences that will appeal to young and old alike. Filled with cheese, sucuk and pepper, they taste fabulous fresh from the oven!

Pogaca rolls

Tasty stuffed treats to delight the heart.


Whether for vegetarians or as a delicious alternative to meat, vegetables are great on the barbecue too. The natural sugar content of beetroot, for instance, develops an irresistible caramel flavour when it‘s toasted on the flames.

Beetroot barbecue-style

Vegetarian alternative for the barbecue.


[Translate to en:] Winterlicher Salat mit Granatapfel: Frische Granatapfelkerne geben dem winterlichen Salat eine fruchtig-nussige Note – eine abwechslungsreiche Kombination, die Du ganz einfach zubereiten kannst.

Winter salad with pomegranate

Fresh flavour with a fruity, nutty twist. 


Mexico may not be playing in the European Championships, but it‘s going to be right on front in your kitchen: fingerfood is essential when you‘re watching TV - and Mexican guacamole is a true classic in that respect. Green, creamy and fruity, the avocado dip tastes wonderful and is perfect with a delicious football loaf.

Fresh guacamole

 Delightfully creamy mexican dip.


Saddle of venison, truffle, parsnips: who can say no to that? Prepared in the kitchen and then cooked outdoors on a sizzling barbecue, saddle of venison carpaccio and truffled parsnip puree culminates in a veritable culinary highlight – in winter too!

Saddle of venison carpaccio

Speciality for a wonderful evening of barbecuing.


We‘re going oriental today: Lahmacun is a Turkish speciality and a popular classic in the Sallys Welt kitchen. Her recipe combines a moist dough with delicious spiced mince and healthy vegetables. It tastes delicious, and is really easy to prepare in your own kitchen.

Mini Lahmacun

Tasty turkish pizza.


[Translate to en:] Unsere Rezeptvorschläge für leckere Hauptspeisen.

Main courses

One-Pot-Taco Pasta

Delicious pasta dish made in minutes.


Delicious flavour combination with potatoes and mint pesto

Pizza patata

Delicious flavour combination with potatoes and mint pesto.


Today we have a special recommendation on our menu: delicious Mini Chicken Pot Pies by Sallys Welt. The dish consists of a tender chicken ragout with peas and carrots, and topped with a crispy bread dough!

Mini chicken pot pies

Tender and crispy: Chicken ragout with a bread crust.


Quick, easy and very tasty: Vegan One Pot Pasta by Dr. Oetker! All you need is a saucepan, tagliatelle, spinach and fresh tomatoes. And you‘ll have a meal in moments!

Vegan one pot pasta

All the ingredients in one saucepan: tagliatelle, spinach and fresh tomatoes.


Layer upon layer of sliced potatoes, cream and cheese can only mean one thing: Today, it‘s potato gratin, a classic favourite! Whether as an accompaniment or main course, this bake is sure to whet your appetite and smells utterly irresistible as it wafts out of the kitchen.

Creamy potato gratin

The popular classic oven bake.


Meat from the barbecue combined with traditional Italian cuisine: a pizza topped with strips of flank steak promises the perfect liaison for a winter evening of indulgence.

Pizza with strips of flank steak

Winter barbecuing meets the taste of italy.


[Translate to en:] Unsere Rezeptvorschläge für leckere Desserts und Torten.

Desserts and cakes

Delicate and sweet: Easter deliciously wrapped

Vegan Meringue Easter Nests

Delicate and sweet: Easter deliciously wrapped.


Fanta Mini Cupcakes

Fanta Mini Cupcakes

Fruity delights with tangerines.

The recipe

Cheesecake bars

Cheesecake bars

Quark cream with a hint of cinnamon.

The Recipe

Exotic Muhallabia: We‘re now heading south: this recipe comes from the Middle East and is one we recommend as a delicious milk-based dessert from the Arab cuisine.

Exotic Muhallabia

 Oriental milk dessert with a touch of orange blossom water.


Chocolate Cupcakes - All kinds of treats come from the nobilia kitchen at Sally‘s World. Delicious little treats, like chocolate Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, that not only look sweet but taste so too! Sally‘s recipe tells you how easy it is to bake these lovely cupcakes at home.

Chocolate Cupcakes

What a sweet temptation!

The recipe

Time for sweet dreams with these little delights from Sallys Welt! And on the dessert menu today we have: delicious redcurrant and meringue cupcakes that are so easy to make. They‘re sure to sweeten your day for you while bringing a particularly fresh and fruity touch into the home as well.

Redcurrant and meringue cupcakes

Sweet dreams with a fruity touch.


[Translate to en:] Unsere Rezeptvorschläge für Fingerfood und Drinks.

Finger food and drinks

Fruity power, tasty refreshment.

Green smoothie

Fruity power, tasty refreshment.


Fancy something refreshing? This recipe for delicious ginger shots from @sallyswelt will see you stay fit and healthy on warm days. And best of all: you need hardly any ingredients, won‘t take long to make it – and you can even keep it in the fridge for several days!

Fresh ginger shots

A healthy way to cool down in summer.


Fruity, delicious and refreshingly cool: make the most of the last few weeks of summer with a delightful Very Berry. Just a few steps in the kitchen, and you‘ll have a wonderfully refreshing drink full of berries and ice cubes in your hand.

Ice cold very berry

Fruity refreshment for summer.


Now it‘s time for a genuine classic that not only works on a campfire but on the barbecue too: prepare the dough in your kitchen for some deliciously tasting bread which, even in winter, ends up with a wonderfully crisp, browned crust wrapped round a stick over the barbecue grill.

Sweet winter campfire bread

Classic from the campfire directly on the barbecue.


Whether morning, lunchtime or evening: there‘s always time for churros! People in Spain and Mexico know this very well too where the deep-fried dough sticks regularly end up on the dinner table. But the crispy, sweet pastries are incredibly easy to make in the kitchen at home!

Crispy churros

 Irresistible dough sticks from mexico and spain


Are you enjoying blossoming nature? So, with spring in the air, what better time for a tangy refreshment! Our elderberry-apple smoothie is quickly mixed in the kitchen - and it‘s not only delicious but healthy too.

Elderberry-apple smoothie

Healthy refreshment with a taste of spring.


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