Flexibility, individuality and storage space are at the very top of kitchen buyers’ wish lists. Combined with worktops and plinth panels of varying heights, our height system flexibly adapts the kitchen design to the user's individual needs – with three full size base unit heights and one mini height.

In addition, we offer an ergonomically optimised activity height for a variety of activities, such as meal preparation, cooking and washing dishes. Four different plinth heights and three worktop heights make this individual fine-tuning possible.


Good news for even more creative freedom in individual planning. This year we are taking the next logical step in our grid reorganisation. We are combining an even more consistent line layout with increased planning reliability, a surplus of storage space and quality improvements in the details. In this way, future planning will be even more individualised and more flexible and achieve a holistic, perfected look through optimised symmetry.

More side depth

You can never have enough storage! Which is why all wall cabinets just increased their storage space with the new side depth of 350 mm for all wall and dresser units.

Continuous fronts

For an especially linear look with plenty of tranquil surfaces, the Maxi height is now also available with continuous fronts.

Flush fronts

Shelf units are wonderfully suited to creating select breaks between continuous closed surfaces and setting design accents. To optimise the design lines, all shelf units are now produced front flush as standard. For even more flexibility, shelf units can also be supplied with adjustable shelves for a surcharge.