If anyone feels at home in the kitchen, it’s Sally.

As Germany’s most popular food blogger, it’s safe to say she’s a kitchen expert. As for organisation, she thinks it’s paramount. This is how Sally came to design a kitchen together with us. Having passed the everyday test, it combines style, storage and smart details in the most perfect of ways.

Optimal storage organisation

Professionals like Sally appreciate an intelligent storage concept: ‘Storage space creates true miracles. There’s less chaos and more tidiness. Everything you need is always at the ready.’

Our new Gardening Box now

There’s fresh greens from the kitchen’s own garden. These microgreens, including herbs and sprouts, grow in the Gardening Box, which is fantastic for making fresh, vitamin-rich cuisine.

‘I love my daily serving of greens. With my Gardening Box, I get to grow healthy microgreens directly inside my kitchen cupboard. The integrated growing lamps control the day and night cycles automatically. I can easily track their growth using an app.’

‘There are over 1,500 baking and cooking recipes in my app, ‘Sallys Welt’. You can use the Home Connect function to send the settings directly to your Bosch oven. The appliance will then set the right baking time, heat type and temperature. With all of that under control, nothing else can go wrong when you bake.’

A kitchen you can touch.

Easytouch 968 Lacquered laminate, white ultramatt

Thanks to the anti-fingerprint coating, our easy-care surfaces always look good, even if there's no time to clean them. Add on a highly robust worktop and there’s nothing else you need.

‘Easy-to-maintain surfaces with an anti-fingerprint coating are incredibly convenient, just like my highly robust worktop.’