Opens up new possibilities: the modular railing system now offers a huge amount of freedom for individual design in the kitchen, living room and bathroom and also looks incredibly modern.

It’s the little things that make the difference.

Sign Emotion offers helpful system extensions for the kitchen, such as the magnetic knife holder, tablet holder, a kitchen roll and towel holder as well as a variety of universal shelves. The holder for the Teufel MUSICSTATION is a stunning highlight. The optional LED directional lighting puts Sign Emotion in the spotlight.

Long live individuality!

Shelf units in various widths and heights as well as special features and organisational aids make Sign Emotion a flexible and multitalented item that combines storage space and design in a modern way. All elements can be hooked or hung in any position and moved around on the rail. The system made from aluminium is available in black or stainless steel appearance.


Intelligent and pragmatic! We now offer wardrobes and shoe cabinets in tall units. These are a clever idea, not just for utility rooms but also for conventional wardrobe designs or as a shelf unit variant. For extra-convenience: Shoe cabinet shelves with alternating depths for different types of shoes.


These open cabinet elements are perfect for planning entire dressing rooms or walk-in closets. Different divider options are available to meet any need.


Everyone is different and therefore needs a working height that is customised to suit them. Our height system allows working heights of between 66.2 cm and 110.2 cm, and four carcase heights are available to choose from. And the best thing? The combination of base units and plinth heights mean that even the storage space can be maximised while keeping almost the same working height.

For various activities such as preparation, cooking and washing up, we also offer the respective ergonomically suitable and thus relaxing active height. Individual fine tuning is achieved using four different plinth heights and three worktop heights. Get active!


In our move to a new grid system, we have taken the obvious next step of introducing a new wall and tall unit height.

In the next step, we are adding height 2 to the new grid. Specifically this means: The new wall unit is 792 mm high, representing a symmetrical counterpart to the XL height for base units. Coordinated tall unit and dresser unit heights round off the new line layout.