[Translate to en:] 492 Senso Lack, Koralle Premium matt

Our new SENSO fronts offer improved anti-fingerprint coating, maximum durability, an ultra-soft feel and more intense depth of colour.

Interior fittings

Design shelves Taro

[Translate to en:] Senso 492: Designboden Taro

Design shelves Taro permit individual design and flexible integration in units and shelf units.

Combinations of Taro design shelves


Our new dining table range

Elegant dining area featuring a sleek wooden table with terracotta chairs, natural light, and greenery enhancing a modern, serene home ambiance.

For the first time ever, you can use nobilia furniture to plan an entire dining area. Our new dining table range features four different table models, which are complemented beautifully by our new upholstered chairs and armchairs in different designs.

Our new dining table range


Our new chair range

Modern dining room featuring a stylish table with dark wood top, unique metallic legs, and four plush, gray upholstered chairs in a serene setting.

The nobilia range of chairs is the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room design.

Our new chairs

Sliding door system

Sliding door décor 970

[Translate to en:] 492 Senso mit Gleittürsystem

We are expanding our successful sliding door system by 3 colours with anti-fingerprint properties, e.g. the sliding door décor 970 Lacquered laminate, taupe grey ultra matt.

Discover the new sliding door décors

[Translate to en:] Senso 492 Lack, Koralle Premium matt

New kitchen features

Creative ideas, inspiring planning and design options and innovative solutions can make any kitchen so much more than just a kitchen. Be inspired!

A woman examines a product in a stylish, modern kitchen with neatly organized shelves displaying various kitchenware and food items.

Design shelves Taro

New options for unique choices

A strong product with new features! Design shelves Taro permit individual design and flexible integration in units and shelf units. They are perfect regardless of space limitations and for any needs. We offer five shelves with different functions that can also be combined with each other as desired. Consisting of wood, glass and metal, these shelves are a visual highlight with a practical function.

An elegantly arranged coffee station with a black kettle, grinder, glassware, and unique spoons on a chic wooden tray, showcasing modern kitchenware design.

Design shelf Taro

with tray and glass tray



Elegant wall-mounted wine rack showcasing three bottles, combining functionality with a modern, minimalist aesthetic for any contemporary kitchen or dining area.

with bottle rack

Under-cabinet view of a modern kitchen showing a stainless steel wine glass holder with two hanging wine glasses, against a clean, neutral backdrop.

with wine glass holders

A minimalist shelf with elegant toiletry bottles and a decorative clear water bottle, set against a warm wooden backdrop.

with bottle rack and glass tray

Sliding door system

We are expanding our successful sliding door system with 3 colours with anti-fingerprint properties to offer even more options for customised design. Sliding doors are universal talents when it comes to efficient use of available space. You can save space while making the room look larger. They let you divide an area and hide purely functional sections like shelf units or work spaces.

Modern kitchen cabinet with built-in oven, showcasing a sleek design with rose and grey sliding doors and minimalist style in a contemporary interior.
A contemporary dining room featuring a smiling woman beside an open shelving unit, with stylish furniture and a minimalist color scheme.
A minimalist, textured off-white background, ideal for a clean and contemporary website design, with ample space for text or branding elements.

Sliding door décor 488

Lacquer, premium honed white

The image is a plain dark background with no discernible features, ideal for website headers or as a backdrop for text and graphics.

Sliding door décor 491

Lacquer, premium honed slate grey

Plain gray textured background suitable for website design or visual content with a minimalist aesthetic.

Sliding door décor 970

Lacquered laminate, taupe grey ultra matt

[Translate to en:] Regaleinsatz Case 124 in der Novalux 512.

Shelf inserts case

At home in any place! The new shelf inserts Case open up a surprising variety of design options for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms: Case adds a colour highlight, expands the available storage space and offers extra space for your favourite decorative objects. Case lets you commit to any design concept across rooms without much extra effort.

Our special design advice:
You can also combine Case with our new dining table product range. All dining table models are available with tabletops matching the shelf inserts Case.

[Translate to en:] Regaleinsatz Case 124 Nussbaum Nachbildung
Weathered wooden texture showcasing the natural grain, color variation, and rustic charm, perfect for a background or design element on a website.

Shelf insert décor 097

Havana oak reproduction

Warm brown wooden texture showcasing natural grain patterns, ideal for background or design elements that require organic and rustic aesthetic appeal.

Shelf insert décor 124

Walnut reproduction

Warm-toned wooden texture with natural grain patterns, ideal for a cozy and organic website background or furniture-themed web design.

Shelf insert décor 198

Sierra oak reproduction

Abstract grey textured background with a subtle blend of dark and light shades, creating a sleek, modern surface for website design.

Shelf insert décor 354

Concrete slate grey reproduction

New bathroom features 2024

Modern bathroom interior with floating vanity, round mirror, and walk-in shower, featuring natural wood accents and textured walls for a minimalist aesthetic.

Our new bathroom designs combine aesthetics and convenience to create personal moments of relaxation.

Bathroom innovations 2024

New living features 2024

Man in a modern living room plays with a lively brown dog, surrounded by sleek furniture, wood accents, and an inviting, contemporary design aesthetic.

Inspirations for a home full of vitality with our unique solutions that will make any home look and feel amazing.

Living innovations 2024

Xtra Hob hot plate extractor fan

Modern kitchen setting featuring a sleek, black induction cooktop with fresh vegetables and cooking ingredients arranged neatly on a dark countertop.

The Xtra Hob is an innovative in-house development by nobilia that sets new standards in design and user-friendliness.

Experience the technology of tomorrow, today