Interior fitting

Shelf insert Case

At home in any place! The new shelf inserts Case open up a surprising variety of design options for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

New dining table collection

Paris dining table

Modern dining room with a minimalist design featuring a stylish dark wood table, gray upholstered chairs, pendant lights, and a sleek sideboard.

For the first time ever, you can use nobilia furniture to plan an entire dining area. This creates the ideal conditions for matching design concepts in the kitchen, dining and living area.

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Coffee table collection

Dakar coffee table Havana oak

Modern living room featuring a sleek wooden coffee table with metal legs, arranged with books and snacks, complemented by a contemporary striped rug.

We are expanding our coffee table collection: The new Dakar coffee table has an additional storage shelf.

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FLASH 453, Lacquered laminate, slate grey high gloss

Sleek modern bathroom vanity in a gray finish, showcasing minimalistic design with clean lines and metallic handle details for a contemporary look.

High-gloss surfaces in slate grey combined with natural wood looks such as Havana oak make a clear, stylish statement

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A man interacts with a dog in a stylish, modern living room, showcasing elegant furniture and a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic.

nobilia’s new living features 2024

Inspirations for the living home! Our 2024 Living range surprises with exciting new highlights such as the Case shelf inserts, a dining table series with four different models, matching upholstered chairs and our new Dakar coffee table. Individual solutions for the personal living feeling.

Contemporary dining room featuring a wooden table with black legs, surrounded by plush chairs on a polished concrete floor against a ribbed wall backdrop.

Dining tables

Our exclusive range of tables is just as perfect for open-plan kitchens that open up to the dining area as it is for separate dining rooms. The dining tables are available in three different fixed dimensions, permitting flexible selection for different room sizes and requirements.

In addition, pull-out tables are available as a convenient and flexible solution for a fun evening with friends or other special occasions.

Contemporary dining room with a wooden table, grey chairs, and minimalist white cabinetry, highlighting a clean and modern aesthetic.

Model Porto with pointed oval table feet

Model Paris with a Y-shaped frame

Modern dining room featuring a wooden table with metal legs, four grey upholstered chairs, chic pendant lights, and abstract wall art in a bright apartment.
Modern dining room with a wooden table, green velvet chairs, and a stylish hanging lamp, complemented by a cozy light blue rug and shelving decor.

Model Rom with a table sled frame

Model London with rectangular table feet

Modern dining room featuring a rustic wooden table with metal legs, accented by stylish terracotta chairs in a minimalist, warmly lit interior.

Easy to configure!

Each of the four dining table models is available in three different fixed dimensions and as a pull-out variant, permitting flexible adaptation to the room size and requirements. The frame models can be combined with one of the five table top décors.

Textured gray stone surface with variations in shading and subtle details, suitable as a background for web design or visual material.

354 Concrete Slate Grey reproduction

Dark textured background with shades of black and grey, suitable for a sophisticated and modern web design aesthetic.

378 Black Concrete reproduction

Warm brown wooden texture with natural grain patterns, suitable for a rustic background or organic-themed web design.

097 Havana oak reproduction

High-resolution image of a dark walnut wood texture, showcasing natural grain patterns suitable for a sophisticated and classic website background.

124 Walnut reproduction

Seamless natural wood texture background, displaying warm brown tones with prominent grain patterns and knots, suitable for website design or graphic backdrop.

198 Sierra oak reproduction


Our own range of chairs is the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room design. Three major frame designs and four top-selling colours make our chairs look great in any room.

Elegant modern dining chair with a sleek black metal frame and plush dark gray upholstery, ideal for contemporary kitchens or dining spaces.

Swing chair

Modern grey upholstered chair with a comfortable curved back, armrests, and sleek black metal legs, perfect for contemporary home or office spaces.

Cross armchair

Modern black chair with a sleek design featuring a comfortable curved backrest and sturdy metal legs, perfect for contemporary dining or office spaces.

Cross chair

Modern swivel chair with a sleek gray fabric upholstery and a stylish black tripod base, perfect for contemporary offices or minimalist home interiors.

Turn armchair

Our new chair collection

The chair series Swing, Turn and Cross are each available as an upholstered chair and an upholstered armchair with different frames in black steel. In addition, Cross is available as a bar stool for kitchens. Turn rotates 360 degrees and has a convenient return function. All models are available in four colours and two materials. 

746 Storm Grey

Vintage Velours

Placeholder image featuring a simple icon of a mountain and sun, set against a plain, light gray background, suggesting an awaiting actual image.

747 Green Forest

Vintage Velours

Seamless textured blue-gray background suitable for website wallpapers or graphic design projects with a minimalist and professional aesthetic.

748 Steel Grey

Vegan leather (100% polyester)

Textured brown surface with fine granular detail, giving a warm, earthy backdrop suitable for a website background or graphic design projects.

749 Cognac

Vegan leather (100% polyester)

Versatile living space design

Fascinating details give a room more personality.

Dakar coffee table

Double the aesthetics! Clean lines combined with an additional storage shelf make Dakar a versatile coffee table. Available in a thickness of 16 and 25 mm, the tabletop and shelf come in all the tabletop colour décors, with two sizes to choose from: 120 × 80 cm and 80 × 80 cm.

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Modern living room featuring a wooden coffee table with metal legs, books, snacks, and a potted plant, accentuated by a textured rug.
A sleek, modern dresser in a minimalist room, adorned with stylistic books, framed wall art, and a vintage camera, embodying contemporary elegance.

LINE N unit Curve with curved recessed handle

This design detail will round off any living area. The new LINE N Curve end fronts give simple lowboards and sideboards a unique and unmistakable look. These end units with a curved recessed handle are the perfect fit for a surprising variety of designs.

Living room magazine 2024

Modern living room interior featuring a sleek wall-mounted shelving unit with a woman arranging books, adjacent to a flat-screen TV and minimalist furniture.

Discover additional fascinating living room designs and trends in our living magazine.

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New bathroom features 2024

Modern bathroom interior with floating vanity, round mirror, and walk-in shower, featuring natural wood accents and textured walls for a minimalist aesthetic.

Our new bathroom designs combine aesthetics and convenience to create personal moments of relaxation.

Bathroom innovations 2024

New kitchen features

A modern kitchen with clean lines featuring a smiling woman holding a coffee mug, surrounded by minimalist cabinetry and stylish decor accents.

Innovative ideas and creative solutions can make any kitchen so much more than just a kitchen. Be inspired!

New kitchen features 2024