A stylish modern kitchen scene featuring a man preparing food on an island counter with a dog watching, reflecting a comfortable, contemporary home lifestyle.

Fronts and Trends

Fronts and Trends 2024

Nine new fronts in popular top-seller colours and fashionable trend hues now complement our collection in melamine and high-quality genuine lacquer design. In addition, the structure and price group classification for the fronts was optimised in several places for 2024.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets blends into a chic living space with wood accents, showcasing seamless, contemporary interior design.

Alpine white makes your life brighter

More space, more light, more freedom. And thanks to the anti-fingerprint coat, the white colour is guaranteed to stay clean. SENSO in lacquer, premium honed alpine white creates clear, open spaces and is particularly suitable for open-plan designs. It’s the perfect surface for minimalist LINE N designs.

Modern sophisticated web page design featuring clean lines, minimal elements, and a stylish grayscale palette with a striking red accent for brand identity.


Lacquer, premium honed alpine white

A cosy space in slate grey

You can see and feel the difference. Slate grey lacquer fronts in the SENSO premium honed design exude velvety warmth and give a room a special touch of cosiness. For a modern eye catcher, add the Oak Line natural niche cladding.

Modern spacious kitchen with a stylish design, featuring a central island, integrated appliances, and a family enjoying a cooking activity together.
Minimalist image showcasing two dark-toned, sleek, abstract designs above the bold, stylized 'LINEN' logo on a gradient gray background.


Lacquer, premium honed slate grey

Modern kitchen and living area with an open-plan design, featuring clean lines, minimalist decor, and a welcoming hostess by the kitchen counter.

Trend update
in coral

Our new pastel hue coral adds a fresh touch to the SENSO colour palette. Mix it with light quartz and Taupe grey elements for a truly creative room design.

A new alternative to our handleless LINE N solutions: the curved end-of-run fronts of the Curve series highlight the soft colour environment with their organic contours.

Minimalist design featuring two black squares on a peach background, evoking modern simplicity with an understated elegance. Perfect for a contemporary aesthetic.


Lacquer, premium honed coral

Modern kitchen interior with sleek cabinetry and appliances in neutral tones, featuring an island, dining space, and abundant natural light for a minimalist design.

Refreshing jade

SENSO in the trend colour jade refreshes kitchen designs and comes into its own particularly well when used for large surfaces. A marble look for worktops, wall cladding or niches looks especially great together with this colour.


Lacquer, premium honed jade

Sleek modern shelves with anti-fingerprint finish featured on a simple, neutral background, embodying a clean and contemporary design.
Modern kitchen design with sleek gray cabinets, wooden accents, integrated appliances, and a central island with stools, illuminated by natural light from large windows.

Success colour taupe grey

Grey remains as popular as ever. Taupe grey was the great success of the new collection in 2023.
Now we have also made this warm grey hue available in the entry-level price segment, in our LASER range. In addition, Taupe grey is now available as a carcase colour.

A sleek, modern kitchen drawer design in a gray finish with subtle, curved handles, featuring the minimalist logo "LINE N" in the corner.


Taupe grey

Trend look black concrete

The best-selling décor Black concrete reproduction is now available in price group 1 as a LASER front under the new front number 463. This marks a strong introduction of the dark concrete style to handleless designs.

Modern kitchen interior with sleek dark cabinetry, an island, high-end appliances, and a cozy seating area that offers a blend of functionality and style.
Elegant dark gray kitchen cabinet doors with sleek silver handles, featuring the LINEN brand logo in the bottom right corner.


Black concrete reproduction

Sophisticated, bright kitchen with two people chatting by an island, featuring sleek white cabinets and contemporary appliances.

Elegant white

The trend toward high-quality lacquer fronts continues. So that is plenty of reason for us to give our successful high-gloss lacquer range an update. The new NOVALUX features a distinctively thin edge radius of only 1.8 mm.

Two sleek, minimalistic black pens in a modern design, one capped, placed against a clean, off-white background, showcasing elegance and simplicity.


Lacquer, white high gloss

Modern alpine white

With their tall height and aesthetic appeal, these NOVALUX fronts in alpine white exude first-class quality.

Matt grey slate elements such as the worktop and the niche cladding highlight the minimalist lines of this design.

A modern kitchen interior with a man preparing food on the counter while a dog sits nearby, showcasing sleek appliances and a well-lit dining area.
Minimalist website layout featuring a clean design with simple lines and the logo 'LINEN' at the bottom, creating a modern and elegant look.


Lacquer, alpine white high gloss

Contrasts with satin grey

This subtle surface mix of high-gloss and matt surfaces in shades of grey is an excellent choice for a wide variety of interior design concepts.

The central element of this design is the island solution in a minimalist grey slate design. The high-gloss NOVALUX in satin grey was selected for all units and shelf units.

Modern kitchen interior featuring a central island, sleek white cupboards, stainless steel appliances, and pendant lights, with a view of greenery through large windows.
Minimalist white drawer front with sleek silver handles emphasizes a clean, modern aesthetic for contemporary interior design.


Lacquer, satin grey high gloss

New kitchen features

A modern kitchen with clean lines featuring a smiling woman holding a coffee mug, surrounded by minimalist cabinetry and stylish decor accents.

Innovative ideas and creative solutions can make any kitchen so much more than just a kitchen. Be inspired!

New kitchen features 2024

New bathroom features 2024

Modern bathroom interior with floating vanity, round mirror, and walk-in shower, featuring natural wood accents and textured walls for a minimalist aesthetic.

Our new bathroom designs combine aesthetics and convenience to create personal moments of relaxation.

Bathroom innovations 2024

New living features 2024

Man in a modern living room plays with a lively brown dog, surrounded by sleek furniture, wood accents, and an inviting, contemporary design aesthetic.

Inspirations for a home full of vitality with our unique solutions that will make any home look and feel amazing.

Living innovations 2024