An exclusive combination

The BORA hot plate extractor fan GP4 is available exclusively through nobilia’s complete marketing programme. This unique cooperation is based on innovative high-end cooker hood systems for the nobilia kitchen. A real added value for anyone who appreciates intelligent, clean solutions.

Perfectly coordinated

The BORA GP4 and nobilia

Downdraft extraction of kitchen fumes is a trend in kitchens today. A powerful induction hot plate and an effective extractor in one: BORA GP4 is the perfect circulation system for your nobilia kitchen. This video will show you all the advantages of the BORA GP4 and the nobilia unit system tailored to it.

The BORA GP4 and nobilia 7:55

The BORA GP4 and nobilia 7:55 (247 MB)

Maximum storage space for kitchen utensils in the drawer underneath the BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4

Smart storage & maxi space

The nobilia unit solution tailor-made specifically for BORA GP4 and the compact installation size of the GP4 make it possible to use the complete interior of a drawer underneath the downdraft extractor fan. This leaves plenty of space for pots and other kitchen utensils in the base unit.

Easy installation

A technically optimised nobilia product range reduces installation times and simplifies installation, ensuring the installation will take no longer than the installation of a simple hot plate without an extractor fan.

Easy installation 9:56

Easy installation 9:56 (215 MB)

Modern design – tailor-made for our nobilia kitchens

A self-contained design based on BORA basic appliances has been developed exclusively for nobilia. The BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4 can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted. For surface-mounted designs the GP4 can be planned with a hot plate frame.


BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4 installed in a modern kitchen design by nobilia
Flush-mounted BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4

Flush mounting

Surface-mounted BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4

Surface mounting

The innovative technology of the BORA GP4

BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4 with maximum extraction capacity for frying and cooking

Efficient extraction

Thanks to its power level, the GP4 achieves maximum extraction capacity for a pre-defined time. This powerful extractor fan will keep the air in your kitchen fresh even while you are frying fragrant meals, turning cooking into a truly and completely pleasant experience.

Operating and cooking area with space for 4 large pots thanks to the compact design of the BORA GP4

Compact design

The optimised arrangement of operating and cooking areas leaves space for 4 large pots (up to 24 cm). The hot plate depth of 515 mm makes the system ideal for any standard kitchen run.

Efficient extraction by the BORA GP4 while cooking - silent as a whisper!

Quiet as a whisper

Ideal routing of the air flow in the appliance and the use of a twin-fan system make the BORA GP4 quiet as a whisper, even at high power levels. You won’t have to cope with bothersome noise while you're cooking and can have a pleasant conversation.

Easy cleaning of the BORA downdraft extractor fan GP4 in the dishwasher

Easy cleaning

There’s no need to cry over spilled milk - or any other spills. If a part ever gets dirty, it is easy to remove and dishwasher-safe. Thanks to their compact design, the parts of this system need very little space.

Grease filter of the BORA downdraft extractor fan made of stainless steel

Perfect materials

Great function and a long life. Instead of the usual aluminium grease filter, the BORA GP4 grease filter is made of stainless steel. This material is permanently dishwasher-safe and will maintain its original look and stability.

Further impressions

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