Modern kitchen with sleek induction cooktop and fresh ingredients, displaying a clean and contemporary culinary workspace for sophisticated home cooking.

Xtra Hob: The invisible hot plate with an integrated extractor fan

A statement for contemporary innovation

Designed to perfectly match the Xtra décor 373 Grey slate reproduction, the Xtra Hob hot plate extractor fan merges seamlessly with the worktop.

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A modern kitchen countertop featuring an induction cooktop with a pan of mushrooms, surrounded by fresh herbs and sleek, minimalist decor.

This is tomorrow’s technology, available today,
Exclusively by nobilia:

The Xtra Hob is an innovative in-house development by nobilia that sets new standards in design and user-friendliness. On top of that, the invisible induction hot plate is easy to clean and to install. Its special look and feel makes the Xtra Hob a perfect fit for a contemporary, open-plan living arrangement and gives it an understated charm. The powerful hot plate extractor fan can be top-mounted or flush-mounted and represents the modern way of cooking with its 2-in-1 concept. Inductive, powerful and with maximum energy efficiency. Discover a whole new level of cooking.

A perfect match:
The invisible induction hot plate

Designed to match the worktop décor 373 Grey slate reproduction the Xtra Hob hot plate extractor fan fits seamlessly into the worktop.

For greater contrasts, the Xtra Hob in 373 Grey slate reproduction can be combined with all nobilia worktop décors.

All worktop decors at a glance

Example combinations Xtra Hob
with worktop décors

Worktop décor

322 White Terrazzo reproduction

Elegant, modern kitchen design with muted green cabinets, gold accents, integrated appliances, and minimalist decor, showcasing a stylish yet functional living space.

Example of kitchen planning with the worktop décor 322 White Terrazzo reproduction.

Worktop décor

373 Grey slate reproduction (Xtra)

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, floating shelves, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Example of kitchen planning with the worktop décor 373 Grey slate reproduction (Xtra).

Worktop décor

392 Master oak reproduction

Modern kitchen interior with sleek gray cabinetry, wooden accents, and stainless steel appliances, complemented by natural light and greenery.

Example of kitchen planning with the worktop décor 392 Master oak reproduction.

Modern induction cooktop with a sleek design, embedded in a dark stone countertop, showcasing touch controls and a dual cooking zone.
[Translate to en:] Das unsichtbare Induktionskochfeld in einer Gesamtansicht in Kombination mit einer weißen Hochlack Küchenfront.

The Xtra Hob in combination with our NOVALUX fronts

Our tip: Combine the Xtra Hob with our new NOVALUX fronts, because high-quality lacquered fronts remain in vogue. Reason enough for us to update our range in high-gloss lacquer. The new NOVALUX impresses with a small edge radius of just 1.8 mm and looks particularly modern in combination with grey slate elements.

Find out more about the NOVALUX 516 Front

Video Xtra Hob

All the plus points of the Xtra Hob

  • Can be flush-mounted or top-mounted
  • Maximum energy, fan and grease filter efficiency of class A
  • Smart, intuitive operation
  • White LED display
  • Dishwasher-safe cover grating and grease filter
  • Free positioning and planning thanks to three models and two available
    widths (60 cm, 80 cm)
  • German quality components made by SCHOTT, E.
  • Made in France

Instruction manuals

Attached you will find our operating manuals and assembly instructions in German, English, French and Dutch.

Model F60

The 60 cm version is a problem solver for small kitchen designs and kitchenettes that do not permit installation of an 80 cm housing unit.

Manual: XTRAVENT373F60

Model F80

The 80 cm version is perfect for kitchen designs and kitchenettes that permit installation of an 80 cm housing unit.

Manual: XTRAVENT373F80

Model F80X

The 80 cm version is the appliance for your kitchen plans and kitchen units in which an 80 cm conversion unit can be fitted. In addition, the F80X offers a bridge zone and other comfort features.

Manual: XTRAVENT373F80X

Manuals in additional languages

Enclosed you will find our operating instructions and installation instructions in Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Slovakian and Slovenian.

Xtra Hob manuals in other languages

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