[Translate to en:] Sally in unserer neuen Senso 494 Lack, Jade Premium matt

Environment and design

New worktop décors

More selection, more possibilities! We are expanding our worktop range with four new décors that combine perfectly with all existing designs. Venato Nero is already available in the Xtra Ceramic version.

[Translate to en:] Unsere Senso 494 in Lack, Jade Premium matt in Kombination mit unserer Arbeitsplatte 322 Terrazzo Weiß Nachbildung.
[Translate to en:] Detailansicht unseres Arbeitsplatten Dekors 322 Terrazzo Weiß Nachbildung.

Worktop décor 322

White Terrazzo reproduction


Elegant black marble background with naturally occurring white and gold linear patterns, conveying luxury and sophistication for a sleek website design.

Venato Nero marble reproduction

Seamless dark wood texture with natural grain patterns, perfect for website background or furniture and flooring design elements.

Natural walnut reproduction

Seamless wooden texture background presenting a warm brown hue with natural grain patterns, ideal for a sophisticated and organic web design aesthetic.

Master Oak reproduction

Elegant white marble texture background with subtle grey veins, ideal for luxury design elements and sophisticated website backdrops.

Venato Bianco marble reproduction

Now also available as Slim Line in 16 mm.

Carcase 071

Taupe grey

The right exterior for any taste

Eleven new upright panels
[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 320 Marmor Venato Nero Nachbildung

Upright panel colour 320

Venato Nero marble reproduction

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 322 Terrazzo Weiß Nachbildung

Upright panel colour 322

White Terrazzo reproduction

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 392 Master Oak Nachbildung

Upright panel colour 392

Master Oak reproduction

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 398

Upright panel colour 398

Natural walnut reproduction

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 490: Lack, Alpinweiß Premium matt

Upright panel colour 490

Lacquer, premium honed alpine white

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 491 Lack, Schiefergrau Premium matt

Upright panel colour 491

Lacquer, premium honed slate grey

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 492 Lack, Koralle Premium matt

Upright panel colour 492

Lacquer, premium honed coral

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 494 Lack, Jade Premium matt

Upright panel colour 494

Lacquer, premium honed jade

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 512 Lack, Weiß Hochglanz

Upright panel colour 512

Lacquer, white high gloss

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 516: Lack, Alpinweiß Hochglanz

Upright panel colour 516

Lacquer, alpine white high gloss

[Translate to en:] Wangenfarbe 519 Lack, Seidengrau Hochglanz

Upright panel colour 519

Lacquer, satin grey high gloss

Plinth colours + Shelf unit colours

[Translate to en:] Sockelfarbe 217 Koralle

Plinth colours 217


[Translate to en:] Sockelfarbe 111 Jade

Plinth colours 111


[Translate to en:] Regalfarbe 071 Taupegrau

Shelf unit colours 071

Taupe grey

[Translate to en:] Regalfarbe 320 Marmor Venato Nero Nachbildung

Shelf unit colours 320

Venato Nero marble reproduction

New design options for handleless designs

LINE N unit Curve cabinet with
curved recessed handle

Curve for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms

The new Curve design gives SENSO and EASYTOUCH an even more unique touch in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms: The curved look of the front creates the perfect transition to the joint dimension of tall units with a vertical LINE N profile. The end units with their curved contours are a great choice for a surprising number of designs and absolutely ideal for end-of-run and island designs. They are available in widths of 450, 600 and 900 mm. Height and width adjustments are not possible.

[Translate to en:] Die geschwungene Curve Frontoptik für Ihre grifflose Küche.

New lighting options

Recessed handle lighting for Line N

An ambiance highlight at any time of day. Our new recessed handle lighting is now available for lighting both handle recesses.

All handles and grip recesses

[Translate to en:] Griffmuldenbeleuchtung: Ermöglicht nun auch die Beleuchtung beider Griffspuren.

Get a handle on everything

Seven new handles
[Translate to en:] 219 Metallgriff Schwarz, 32 mm

219 Metal handle

Black, 32 mm

[Translate to en:] 227 Metallgriff Schwarz, 32 mm

227 Metal handle

Black, 32 mm

[Translate to en:] 228 Metallgriff Bronzefarbig 160 mm

228 Metal handle

Bronze colour, 160 mm

[Translate to en:] 229 Holzgriff (MP 7945) Walnuss, 160 mm

229 Wooden handle

Walnut, 160 mm

[Translate to en:] 230 Metallgriff Schwarz, 160 mm

230 Metal handle

Black, 160 mm

[Translate to en:] 025 Line N Griffmulde Taupegrau

025 Line N recessed handle

Taupe grey

[Translate to en:] 027 Line N Griffmulde Schwarz

027 Line N recessed handle

Black (previously 017)

Niches for every taste

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung: 580 Dekor Oak Line natur

Trend topics 2024

Scandi-style oak décors, colourful flower motifs and detailed Boho décors

The niche offers a plethora of design options. Very little effort is required to create unique eye catchers and highlight the overall design concept. We now offer new materials and designs to let you do so.

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung: 576 Dekor Oak Line hell

Décor Oak Line light

Niche cladding 576 

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung: 580 Dekor Oak Line natur

Dekor Oak Line natur

Niche cladding 580 

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung 581 Dekor Iconic Flowers

Décor Iconic Flowers

Niche cladding 581 

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung 582 Dekor Golden Nature

Décor Golden Nature

Niche cladding 582 

[Translate to en:] Nischenverkleidung 583 Dekor Batik Style

Décor Batik Style

Niche cladding 583 

Tone-in-tone: Niche and worktop

It goes without saying that our niche claddings are also available in all carcase and worktop décors – to create the perfect tone-in-tone look, as in this kitchen design using the décor White Terrazzo reproduction.

Worktop decors at a glance

[Translate to en:] Alle Arbeitsplatten auch als Nischenverkleidung.

New kitchen features

A modern kitchen with clean lines featuring a smiling woman holding a coffee mug, surrounded by minimalist cabinetry and stylish decor accents.

Innovative ideas and creative solutions can make any kitchen so much more than just a kitchen. Be inspired!

New kitchen features 2024

Fronts and trends

A modern kitchen with clean lines, featuring a person preparing food on a sleek island countertop while a dog watches attentively.

Get an overview of our new fronts and current trends.

Discover fronts and trends

Niche cladding

Elegant modern kitchen featuring a sleek gold faucet, integrated sink, and sophisticated under-cabinet lighting with luxurious black and gold accents.

Niche claddings are a trendy and practical way to highlight niches. We offer a plethora of motifs.

All niche claddings at a glance