Minimalist bathroom design with a floating vanity, round mirror, and natural accents for a serene and stylish space.

New bathroom features 2024

Brand-new bathroom ideas

A beautiful bathroom is good for the body and soul. This is where the day begins, full of energy, and where it comes to an end, in peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s the
small things that make all the difference in the bathroom, whether it’s a new colour, a fantastic mirror or a small shelf unit. Discover versatile options for making any bathroom more beautiful and more unique.

Elegant home interior featuring a minimalistic white console with decorative vases and dried pampas grass against a textured grey wall, exuding a modern aesthetic.

LINE N unit with curved recessed handle

Curvy energy for unique bathroom designs!

The new LINE N Curve end-of-run fronts add a fresh touch to straight-lined bathroom units. These end units with a curved recessed handle are the perfect fit for a surprising variety of designs. They are available in widths of 450, 600 and 900 mm. Height and width adjustments are not possible.

LINE N Schrank mit geschwungener Griffmulde

Trend colour jade

Destination enjoyment! Jade is a stylish colour that combines wonderfully with pure white to create a new and inspirational sense of space, making it ideal for softly highlighting simple elements such as hand basins and bathroom units.


SENSO 494 Lacquer, premium honed jade

Modern minimalist bathroom vanity with anti-fingerprint linen finish cabinet, emphasizing sleek design and functional storage solutions for contemporary homes.

The anti-fingerprint coating simplifies life for families in particular, as it protects surfaces from unsightly fingerprints and is easy to care for on a daily basis. 

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Hand basins

Vanity units for installation of brand-name ceramic hand basins

Modern bathroom vanity with clean lines featuring a white basin, sage green and white drawers, set against a textured gray wall.

The new vanity unit construction with spacer strips makes it possible to install furniture hand basins from a variety of brands without requiring special production. The spacer strips come standard in slate grey.

A modern bathroom with sleek fixtures on the left, and a smiling person holding a baby on the right, illustrating a joyful home life.

Shelf insert Case

The Case shelf insert is a versatile element for customised bathroom design. Case loosens up a style, creates accents in a different colour and is the perfect stage for personal design and decoration ideas. It is available in four different wood and concrete décors.

Modern bathroom vanity with white countertop, integrated sink, and wooden lower shelf stocked with towels and toiletries in a minimalistic design.
Modern wall-mounted shelf featuring a sleek black frame with three wooden tiers, holding various decor items and toiletry products against a white background.

Free wall shelf

Airy design, black steel and shelves in a wood look. The Free wall shelf is a real favourite and can be freely combined for perfect integration into designs.

Spiegel Abril

Mirror ABRIL

The perfectly coordinated countertop basin and fittings showcase functionality in a truly creative way.

The Abril mirror creates an exciting contrast to the highly angular design. 

Bathroom magazine 2024

Modern bathroom interior featuring a sleek vanity with a vessel sink, wall-mounted mirror, and minimalist cabinetry, accented by hanging greenery and earthy decor.

Welcome to your dream bathroom! Discover inspiring trends, themes and bathroom concepts in our bathroom magazine.

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New living features 2024

Man in a modern living room plays with a lively brown dog, surrounded by sleek furniture, wood accents, and an inviting, contemporary design aesthetic.

Inspirations for a home full of vitality with our unique solutions that will make any home look and feel amazing.

Living innovations 2024

more than kitchen

Modern bedroom featuring a large sliding wardrobe with open compartments, showcasing a neat, organized storage solution in a bright, naturally lit space.

Whether wardrobe, office or bathroom – our furniture system makes quite an impression in the entire home.

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