New features | Collection 2022

Kitchen, bathroom and living area


Tailor-made solutions for every room in your home!

Our new features in 2022 meet this demand in a particularly innovative and modern fashion. After all, our home has never been more important to us than in these times. Our collections are now defined by intelligent and incredibly variable storage solutions, smart features – some of them with a digital inspiration – and new colours and décors, from authentic to elegant. We are rediscovering the utility room and using creative access solutions to open up new horizons of room design.

Fronts and trends

Even more variants for even more individuality. We have let nature inspire us to expand our product range with seven new and highly fashionable fronts. Natural colours and materials such as wood, glass and concrete define our new look.

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Environment and design

Give your kitchen your very own personal touch. Our new collection with 10 new worktop décors - including 2 quartz worktops and 5 décors of our new Xtra Ceramic worktop - as well as 7 new handles and 8 upright panels offers a variety of combination options.

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Technology and details

A place for everything! The modular railing system Sign Emotion – exclusively available from nobilia – now offers a practically endless range of design options for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. In addition, we now offer wardrobes and shoe cabinets in tall units. And in our move to a new grid system, we have taken the obvious next step of introducing a new wall and tall unit height.

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New kitchen features

We have updated our kitchen range! New design options and a multitude of surprising ideas make life in the kitchen even more customisable and convenient.

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Sallys world in your kitchen

In collaboration with the famous food blogger Sally, nobilia is now offering the Bosch oven HBG5780B6. The exclusive appliance is equipped with a pyrolysis function and Home Connect technology and can therefore be linked to the app “Sallys Welt”. Specifically this means: Over 1,500 recipes for cooking and baking can be sent directly from the app to the oven via the Home Connect function. This innovation is exactly to our taste.

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New bathroom and living room features

More comfort and convenience in the bathroom! Beautiful, intelligent solutions are the perfect basis for personalised feel-good designs. Our product ranges for living rooms are also constantly developing and changing, just like the lives of our customers. Modern individuality and personal convenience are what guides these developments. That is what defines our unique quality!

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